About us

During the spring of 2018, we discovered the fantastic atmosphere that exists within the sport of golf.

The feeling of constantly getting better, of meeting exciting people and forming new communities at the same time as you get to go out into beautiful scenery and nature where you can breathe in the fresh air is absolutely fantastic.

Although there were so many positives, Louise (the company's founder) felt that there was something missing.

There was something about the clothes, they often imitated men's garments. Both in appearance and fit, or it was very patterned and floral.

Why weren't there clothes that exuded feminine elegance with a clean design, functional details and luxurious materials?

Golf is a very traditional sport, where much stems from early foundations. At the same time, it is influenced by today's standards, where the majority of changes are constantly taking place. Why not in clothing fashion for girls and women, we thought?

So then we decided to start INDRA. Our vision is to give all women in Sweden the obvious opportunity to feel stylish and comfortable both on and off the golf course through a timeless and functional design.

It has not been easy, but in the end we managed to produce our first garments that we are very proud of as we have chosen to work only with the absolute most luxurious fabrics from Italy, which maintain the highest quality and which are manufactured in recycled, innovative or degradable materials.

The design takes place here in Sweden and made with love in luxurious Italian fabrics.

We are so grateful for all the love and support INDRA receives from you, it means everything!
Hugs Louise and team.
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